University Ballet generally hosts three open classes per week: Level I, II, and III. Classes are located either in the dance room in the basement of Ida Noyes Hall, located at 59th and Woodlawn in Hyde Park, or in Bartlett Arts Rehearsal Space (BARS) on the first floor of Bartlett Dining Commons, located at 57th and University. All classes are free and open to the public.

Level I is best suited for dancers with no ballet experience up to two years of training, Level II ballet is best suited for dancers with more than two years, and Level III ballet is best suited for dancers with five or more years of intense training. Classes are for dancers who are college-aged and older; children may not take class with UB. If you have any more questions about which level would be best for you, contact our Head of Teaching Elizabeth Smith.

This Week’s Classes

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What to wear

Any form-fitting clothing that allows you to move is acceptable; for women, a leotard and tights is the best choice for class. Ballet slippers are strongly recommended for both men and women.

Pointe Class

If you have taken pointe previously, please attend our pointe classes. You must take the ballet class preceding pointe class or obtain permission from both the instructor and our Head of Teaching Elizabeth Smith. We reserve the right to assess all individuals and ask them to come off pointe if we feel their safety is being compromised.